Intellicorp Background Check: Everything You Need to Know



What Is an Intellicorp Background Check?

Intellicorp background checks are an in-depth history of an applicant, looking to cross-check personal data and reveal possible risks of hiring. The scope of the check is from this intenseness: from criminal records to credit history, depending on the client’s needs.

Criminal Records

  • National Criminal Database Search. Checks criminal databases across the nation for any criminal history.
  • County Criminal Records. Searches at the county level to uncover any criminal activity.
  • Sex Offender Registry Checks. Determines if any applicants are listed on state or national sex offender registries.

Employment History

  • Employment History Verification. Verifies positions held, periods of employment, and reasons for departure.
  • Referees. In-depth interviews with listed references discussing the work ethic, responsibilities, and overall performance of the applicant.

Credit Checks

Conducts credit reviews to assess financial stability and credit responsibility. This is particularly important for positions involving the management of money or finances.

Educational Verification

  • Degree Verification. Verifies degrees and certificates from educational institutions for authenticity and proof of issuance.
  • Professional Licenses and Certifications
  • Credentials Verification. Confirms that all professional licenses and certifications are valid and in good standing.

Online Portal Status

Intellicorp provides an online system where employers and applicants can log in to view the status of background checks. Logging details for users are presented at the beginning of the service engagement.

Different Statuses Explained

  • Pending. The check is currently underway; additional information may be required from the applicant to proceed.
  • Complete. All parts of the background check have been performed, and the final report awaits review.
  • Issues Found. Indicates inconsistencies or other problems found during the background check that may influence hiring decisions. This status might result in the need for additional checks or clarification from the applicant.

How Long Does an Intellicorp Background Check Take?

Generally, an intensive standard background check by Intellicorp takes 2-5 working days for completion, depending on the amount and duration of the search required.

Factors Influencing Duration

  • Detailed search throughout numerous states and periods of time might extend the process.
  • Delays in responses from prior employers or educational institutions or references may delay the duration. Quick responses may speed up the process.
  • Number of Checks Being Conducted: If high, an extensive volume of background checks could increase the time taken, especially if carried out during peak hiring seasons.
  • Information Provided by Applicant: Receipt of incorrect or incomplete submissions may cause a delay in filling out and verifying the provided data.

Does Intellicorp Actually Provide Accurate Background Checks?

Intellicorp is just one of many important players in conducting thorough background screening services across various industries, ranging from healthcare to the financial sector. The credibility and accuracy of such checks are quite important in maintaining consumer trust and need to be maintained.

  • Safety and Consistency of Intellicorp Background Checks
  • Factors affecting accuracy and consistency of background checks with Intellicorp:
  • Intellicorp cross-verifies information from different databases for accuracy and elimination of errors. They use local, state, and federal databases.
  • The use of advanced data analytics and software algorithms enables it to accurately parse and analyze the large datasets, preventing common errors.
  • The company is up to date with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and all other laws that would be pertaining to legally and ethically running the background check.
  • Regular audits of the screening process and the reports are conducted through an internal and external audit.

Does Intellicorp Background Check Go Back Far Enough?

Intellicorp’s background check usually, but not always, covers the past 7 years. It is consistent with FCRA guidelines and state law regarding the reporting of background information.

Legal Restrictions: Different states limit the reporting of criminal history or other background information to only the past 7 years unless the annual salary for the position exceeds $75,000 or more.

Depending on the specific type of background check being conducted (e.g., criminal records, financial history), the lookback period might change. For criminal convictions, there are normally no limitations; reports on arrests without convictions are generally reported after 7 years.

Intellicorp Background Check Lawsuit

An Intellicorp background check has had lawsuits relating to their background check practices which should be an imperative aspect to consider in the judgment of their services.

Class Action Settlement (2011)

Intellicorp was the subject of a class-action lawsuit alleging failure to ensure the accuracy of their background reports and improper reporting of expunged records. The settlement of this case ensued from the lawsuit, where Intellicorp committed to making damages to those affected and redesigning their processes around compliance with FCRA and the avoidance of similar happenings.

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